The First Health Film Festival

1398/11/16 - 13:42 / 3773

The First Health Film Festival The first health film festival with the aim of making people familiar with the significance of individual health, society and environment- making artists familiar with health subject and the way of paying attention to priorities related to health was held from 22 to 26 august at the Charsoo cinema complex. The health film festival with the goal of communicating between medical society and cinema was held in seven parts including, tele-film, series, news reports and television programs, clip-arts and teaser, public and student part. This festival having a general and pervasive subject intended to address the public and different social segments. This festival in its first pace faced a huge welcome by medical activists, and besides making the students familiar with the art of film making, educated them for reinforcing documentary and cinema in health fields. Medisa Novin Payesh Company, as one of the sponsors of the program dedicated presents to the festival elects.

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