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The Health Week from 21th of April in Iran begins with this slogan: “from farm to plate, make food safe” One of the main goals of relevant organizations in this year’s health week is improving self management skills and informing people about life styles amendments. A specific name has been assigned to each day of this week. Health week will be celebrated from 21th April, with WHO highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with food safety under the slogan "From farm to plate, make food safe." The Health Week Days’ slogan · Monday- 21 April: Health and improving food safety · Tuesday-22 April: Health and Iranian-Islamic life style · Wednesday-23 April: Equity in health and healthcare, Improving health systems and services · Thursday-24 April: Health , public education and self management · Friday-25 April: Health and social partnership · Saturday-26 April: Health general policies, Intersectional collaboration · Sunday-27 April: Health economics, investment development As well as previous years, Medisa Novin Payesh Company with cooperation and assistance of NGOs such as Tehran Municipal Health Assistance , Charity Foundation of Special Diseases (CFFSD ), and Iran Diabetes Association (IDS) and…has established informational and free screening kiosks. In addition this company introduces its related products and services.

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