Cultural Vow

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Cultural vow is wisdom accompanying love Every society needs partnership of its citizens to growth and sublimation. In fact requirement of an active society is existence of active citizens while feeling commitment to their society, being familiar with their rights and tasks. Expert citizens can give their specialty and time to the others, especially who are in need, in order to give them benefit of their professions. Cultural vow is a plan to make this process easy, optimized and continues. Medisa Novin Payesh company as one of the leading companies  in public health products and services has arranged screening programs and indentifying diabetes and high blood pressure phenomenon with coordination and cooperation of organizations like assistance of non-epidemic diseases of health ministry , Iranian Diabetes community, foundation of specific diseases affairs, endocrinology research institute of Shahid-Beheshti university, endocrinology research institute of Tehran university, society of internal professionals and health assistance of Tehran municipal.    In order to have educational programs, this company has done vast free screenings activities and educational programs to make Tehran citizens familiar with diabetes and high blood pressure, in cooperation with health assistance of Tehran municipal and therefore is one of the main sponsors of the cultural vow organization which is a sub category of Tehran municipal complexes, leading to appreciation and encouragement by Tehran municipal supreme managers, mainly the mayor Dr. Ghalibaf. This ceremony was held on 17 th February in Milad tower with urban managers of Tehran and a group of media and culture companions.   Main Purposes of Cultural vow: Advertisement, promotion and institutionalizing the culture of vow in the society Making new vow opportunity for all the people (vowing time and skill) Attempting to meet the Cultural needs of the society Raising social partnership based on religious teachings Omitting apathetic sprit in society and replacing that with donations and helping to the others Increasing the spirit of empathy and responsibility in all units of the society Offering special services for cultural vow to people; with priority to women supervising the family and their children and others who are in need. 

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